Meet the brains behind Gumwand, the revolutionary chewing gum removal system

We are Experts in
Chewing Gum Removal

We are British and proud of it and as the owners and inventors of Gumwand, we have been running a chewing gum cleaning business for over a decade and leading the development of chewing gum removal equipment for the last 3.

The Gumwand team has a vast amount of experience in using all known methods of removal, including the old and wasteful pressure washing techniques and the current steam combined with detergent methods.  We knew that there must be a better way to deal with this persistent problem and so we set about creating it. Gumwand is the result of our research and testing.

In 2010 and 2011 we won environmental awards for our chewing gum removal products and are recognised in the industry as innovators, leading technological developments within the world of gum removal.

Chartered institute of waste management
Innovation award 2011 Finalist.

We are actively seeking distributers of the Gumwand in all countries. If you are interested in becoming a distributer, please email us directly to